February 23, 2012

This morning I’m tired but buzzing.

Last night something exciting happened.

Public sector people got together simultaneously in six Scottish cities to talk about social media – and we put the world to rights.

We chatted, we tweeted to the world and the world tweeted back.

We asked our organisations’ followers for ideas and suggestions about what we should be doing with social media. Some of them told us.

I was at the Glasgow venue and although we didn’t get as many attending as signed up for it there was still lively discussion and debate.

Across the whole of Scotland we talked about:

  • peer education and community project
  • people, young and old, sharing skills and access
  • social media safety
  • visual tweets
  • organisations blocking social media
  • equality of access
  • transparency and good leadership
  • reputation
  • creating hashtags
  • private versus corporate accounts

I could go on but I won’t, you can see it under #tartantm for yourself.

I will be producing some kind of report over the next couple of weeks once I’ve caught up with the other fabulous volunteers at each venue.

Edinburgh and Glasgow also discussed the theme for the next Tartan TweetMeet. Edinburgh is thinking business and Glasgow is thinking the future of journalism.

In true Harry Hill style, ‘There’s only one way to find out . . .’

(If anyone has any other ideas feel free to tweet them to @Cal444)


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  1. lelil said

    Nice blogging, tweeps 🙂

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