The second meeting of #tartantm – Scotland’s first multi-location Twitter meet up  – will build on the buzz and success of the first #tartantm involving public sector comms. This second meeting will expand the audience and debate to include public sector comms AND journalists where we can discuss and highlight experience and best practice.

Wednesday March 28

Multiple venues  across Scotland and on Twitter at #tartantm





Anyone from public sector comms, journalism, academia, students with an interest in news

Many of us are seasoned in the pre-digital orthodoxies of news and information gathering and delivery. We are all using new digital  tools as best we can, but where we can share knowledge and experience and learn from our mistakes, we should.

Suggested topics

  • what is the ideal workspace setup for someone working in digital news
  • the tools we use and how and when we use them
  • how are people consuming emergency information
  • congregation round hashtags – what can we learn
  • should we even try and agree hashtag best practice given the anarchic nature of twitter
  • is there such a thing as a too popular hashtag, for example #bawbag
  • should we ever join a conversation into which we haven’t been invited
  • is there an argument for not doing live coverage or live tweeting such as the London riots, theGlasgow siege or Raoul Moat
  • can it ever be enforced or policed
  • has rolling news made life tougher for us all – is it reasonable for media to expect quicker responses from public bodies at a time of swingeing cuts just because they website and programming to fill
  • FOIs – should the media pay for them
  • should local authorties encourage open access to their meetings by allowing laptops, ipads and should they install wifi and power points in chambers
  • are we being blinded by flash gimmicks – how much of this actually matters

That’s a a pretty good starter for 10 and shoud encourage some lively debate.